Altcoin Fantasy + Beyond The HODL: A Cryptocurrency Trading Guide For Beginners – Deep Dive Video Series

At Altcoin Fantasy, our goal is to educate our users about crypto and crypto trading in a risk-free environment. We’ve partnered with Beyond the HODL to bring you an advanced educational video series – A Cryptocurrency Trading Guide for Beginners. This series is an introduction on how to use smart money analysis for cryptocurrency trading. If you want to take the shorter, introductory course before diving deeper here, check out our other course – Basics To Smart Money Analysis.

Beyond the HODL believes in teaching people how to predict and profit from the cryptocurrency markets using smart money analysis. If you’re interested in personalized 1-on-1 trading mentorship from Beyond the HODL, reach out to them here.


  • New techniques on how to analyze the crypto market from an institutional perspective

  • How to create an effective trading strategy

  • The basics of smart money analysis

  • Questions to ask yourself before trading in the crypto market

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