Altcoin Fantasy + Beyond The HODL: Basics To Smart Money Analysis – Short Intro Video Series

At Altcoin Fantasy, our goal is to educate our users about crypto and crypto trading in a risk-free environment. To that aim, we’ve partnered with Beyond the HODL to bring you an educational video series – Basics to Smart Money Analysis. This series is a short introduction on how to use smart money analysis for cryptocurrency trading. If you want to take the longer, full course, check out our other course – A Cryptocurrency Trading Guide for Beginners.

Beyond the HODL believes in teaching people how to predict and profit from the cryptocurrency markets using smart money analysis. If you’re interested in personalized 1-on-1 trading mentorship from Beyond the HODL, reach out to them here.

What you’ll learn

  • How to handle movements to take advantage of the market

  • The basics of smart money analysis

  • Identify the factors that moves the crypto market

Module 1: Course Introduction


Unit 1: Introduction (00:48)

About this unit:

A few years ago we realized that there was a problem with the information we were given about the market. Because of that we sought out to find the answers and we came across something that we call smart money analysis. Through this analysis we were able to identify when whales - large money investors - were entering and exiting their positions. Over the years we have come to perfect this method of analysis and we will teach some of these strategies to you in this mini course. We hope that you find value from the teachings that we will be giving you in this course.

Unit 2: Basics To Smart Money Analysis (13:55)

About this unit:

In this video you will learn the two most important questions you need to ask yourself before taking any trades. You will also be thought what tools to utilize in order to answer these two questions. Combining these two ideas you will be able to analyze the market more accurately and efficiently which will yield better results.